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If I am interested in knowing the price of a procedure; what should I do?

You can request an assessment appointment with Dra. Peña, who will advise you according to your knowledge and experience on the recommended procedure for your specific case. You can request the appointment in Cali at 3176675904 and in Roldanillo at 3176675902.

Write us through WhatsApp at 3175136239 or send us a message through our Facebook page Dra Margarita Peña.

And if I can’t attend the personal assessment?

If you are outside of the city or country, you can send photos to the email and we’ll send you a complete quotation with everything you need for surgery.

Here we share the specifications of the photos according to the procedure:

Facial surgeries: The face in front and the two profiles for procedures such as, RINOPLASTY, BLEPHAROPLASTY, FRONTOPLASTY, FACIAL LIFTING, MENTOPLASTY, BICHECTOMY and OTOPLASTY.

Body Surgeries: The body, from neck to bottom, in underwear with arms separated from the body; front, back and both sides for procedures such as, LIPOSCULTURE, LIPECTOMY, ABDOMINAL MARKING AND INCREASE OF BUTTOCKS.

In case of breasts surgeries, the photos should be from the neck bottom, superior part of the body without bras from the front, back and both sides.

What do I need for surgery?

At the end of the assessment with the Dra. or in the quotation via e-mail, you will be explained step by step everything you need for the recommended procedure.

Do I need blood tests?

Yes, the results will determine if you are able for surgery and you must perform them 15 days before the tentative date of your surgery.

If your health history and surgery need it, complementary tests or medical evaluation with another specialist will be requested.

Can I perform several procedures in the same surgery?

You can perform several procedures in the same surgical time, but that depends on your health status, the results of the tests requested and the number of hours your surgery requires.

Who reviews my exams?

The reading of your exams is done by Dr. Margarita Peña and the anesthesiologist during the pre-anesthetic consultation, at that time a physical examination will be performed, you will be able to clear your doubts about the anesthesia and you will receive all the indications of fast to follow the day of surgery.

Do I need a medical insurance?

By regulation in Colombia all plastic surgery patients must acquire a risk policy that covers a possible complication of the intervention, which is canceled before entering the operating room on the second floor of the clinic and the value will depend on the procedures to be held.

For patients of other country, the insurance requires that surgery be scheduled 3 to 5 days after entering the country, depending on the place of origin, so your surgery can not be performed outside the time required.

Where is the surgery performed?

All our procedures are carried out in a clinic of III level, in equipped operating rooms and with the necessary infrastructure for plastic surgeries, with the UCI service and a select experienced and highly trained medical group.

How long after pregnancy can I be operated?

Dr. Peña recommends finishing the breastfeeding time to schedule the surgery.

Will it hurt?

The pain you may feel after surgery will depend on the pain threshold you manage.

While some patients state that the pain in their post-surgical evolution is minimal, for others it may be greater.

Pain can be managed with analgesics that the anesthesiologist will let you know at your pre-anesthetic appointment.

When can I go back to exercising?

It depends on the procedure performed.

All patients must walk the day after the procedure.

During the first month you can only do cardio exercise, it is not advisable to lift weights or practice any contact sports.

According to your evolution, Dr. Peña will tell you when you can return to strong exercise routines.

After the surgery, what care should I have?

You can review the post-surgical instructions and follow the recommendations described there.

Following pre and post surgical recommendations will increase the probality of having a successful procedure. Here you will find the most important ones.

Payment Conditions

  1. The payments of the surgery will be made at least two (2) days before the surgery, this to avoid any setback.
  2. If your payment is with post-dated checks or promissory notes, you must consider that these will be confirmed by Fenalcheque; that they have an interest which the assistant of Dra. Margarita María Peña will inform you about the value and date of each check. Additionally, you must attach the following requirements.
    • Photocopy of ID
    • Three (3) last bank statements
    • Completely fill out the credit application form, the assistant will provide it in the office
    • Photocopy of ownership card of a vehicle and soat, or certificates of tradition of a real estate, chamber of commerce if it possesses it.
  3. If your payment is by credit or debit card, you must take into account that the discounts do not apply to pay with this medium.

Write us if you have more questions

Our team is at your disposal to solve any concern that you or your family have; We will be at your disposal to offer you the best service and the best experience.

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